Why Government must Cure the Care System

We can’t cure dementia yet.  But the Government can cure the care system.

Behind every signature there's a story, share yours to show the impact of the broken care system on everyday lives across the UK, and what you want to see changed.


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Mum Flora

From Daughter Sandra

Mum needs a buddy, someone who will spend time with her weekdays, take her out on little outings. Instead all I was offered was 10 free hours so I could have 1hr or 2 to go shopping etc. I live with her, am her carer, & do full time paid employment from home. I cannot offer her what she needs at present, it’s upsetting. Life is stressful. Mum needs some stimulation. I need time & space. I love her & worry for the future & how I will cope as she gets worse. She & I deserve better care & support.